Youth & Students

At HYC, we will engage with and support to youth and international students who are in need. We will provide a variety of initiatives that will ensure them to be Career Ready. Our Volunteers with expertise in Career Advising are keen to assist you to prepare for the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence needed to succeed in the competitive job market.

Youth and Students

Since the beginning of our club’s engagement our vision has been to engage youths to our integral journey and without narrowing our options we rather broaden our horizons thus envisage the importance of youth in our growing sporting community and our overall Nepalese community in general. As youths from Nepal are multiplying in numbers and are proving to be excellent sportsperson, hence their involvement with sporting clubs with Sydney is growing. Moving forward we as a club have a moral obligation as established community in Australia to guide them through and lend our expertise. It is of paramount interest they are being engaged and nurtured as the life in Australia provides you with endless opportunities but at the hind sight can also have a toll in the well-being and mental health of our Students brothers and sisters.

HYC Youth and Student programs include:
  • Academic workshops once a year
  • HYC career development seminars once a year
  • HYC Peer-Mentoring program ongoing