Vision, Values & Goals

HYC vision is to become the club of choice for its members and the wider communities, with shared commitment to bring about positive impacts on life, lifestyles and wellbeing of individuals and society through sporting and social activities.

HYC is founded on the five core values that underpin its strategic focus and programs:

People Centred
We place the people at the centre of what we do – integrating sports and social activities throughout our member-generated programs.

Inclusive and Collaborative
We encourage everyone to join HYC and work together in designing and delivering sporting and social activities. Towards this, we nurture open discussion and constructive debate among individuals; working together to deliver socio-culturally desired and financially sustainable programs to support member’s interest and aspirations. Programs, activities and financing of HYC are clear and transparent.

Diversity and Equity
HYC’s members value and respect people of all cultural backgrounds. Each of these HYC stakeholders will embrace cultural diversity as a key strength. Towards this, we strive to create an inclusive and supportive community in which the needs of each individuals are considered, and all have a fair opportunity to be part of and succeed.

Professionalism and Integrity
Delivering programs and projects with strong professional ethics and high integrity, and adhering to professional code of conduct; delivering on our commitment and upholding decisions that are made.

Discipline and Respect
Fostering disciplined approach to HYC initiatives, and maintaining honest, trusting and mutually respectful relationships.

In translating our vision and values, HYC has four strategic goals:

Goal 1

Planning, organising and delivering sporting and social activities that are desired by its members. We aspire to be the Club of Choice by pursuing supportive, high quality and inspiration environment to nurture individual talents and aspirations.

Goal 2

Governing of HYC by a dedicated, passionate and professional team who are committed to respect, responsibility, ethics, transparency and integrity.

Goal 3

Engaging with multicultural communities and organisations for catering to the needs of diverse social and cultural groups and increase the participation of multicultural and indigenous peoples and students/ new migrants. We are committed to providing an environment which is safe, supportive, equitable and welcoming for all.

Goal 4

Nurturing individual talents and community cohesion.

HYC Goals