Family BBQ

HYC Family BBQ is the time of celebration with the family members. This annual event is our thank you to the whole family.

You know it, when you have that cold beer in your hand, your mate beside you, that smoky smell of the chicken, sizzling sounds of the sausages, melodious music and a beautiful sunny day, that you are home away from home.

These BBQ events are held yearly to encourage one another, uplift our spirits and mingle among great minds to enrich our own knowledge whether be it sports, politics, work or just simply life.

It is very important to stay connected and remind ourselves, while we are so far away from home we have a duty of care, and that is to look after each other. So, come along to relax, enjoy the moment with each other. This will give you an informal opportunity to meet player’s family, members of the executive board to ask them a question about the vision that HYC foresees.

We look forward to seeing you at the next BBQ. For event details please click here.