Conflict & Disciplinary Committee (CMDC)

HYC CMDC is an important committee, comprising a team of highly experienced and noted individuals. They will ensure that all HYC code of conduct are fully and objectively implemented. This committee can research, investigate and make decision on all complaints and issues, including those brought to the committee’s attention. The committee’s decision are made within the HYC rules and regulations and are consistent with the relevant government legislation in NSW and Australia. These members are expected to follow the HYC Code of Conduct for CMDC members.

The decisions made by CMDC is final. All HYC members and associates agree to abide by this overarching requirement as part of HYC membership.

# Position Name Contact
1 Chair Dr Krishna K Shrestha 0413 151 111
2 Member Rajiv Pradhan 0402 888 566
3 Member HYC President (Nabin Rana) 0423 225 257