Blood Donation

At HYC, we care!

HYC will have once a year blood donation program as part of social contribution. As the saying goes by “A single pint can save three lives. A single gesture can create a million smiles.”

We have rejuvenated and taken the path as we believe that anyone can save life and all Heroes come in all types and sizes. While we open our hands to ask for help, we know the importance of giving. Hence, HYC has chosen Australian Red Cross Lifeblood as the preferred donation bank. This will be a joint effort from all HYC members and family as we want to go above and beyond to help the needy. Therefore, we look forward to organizing a mass blood collection from the donners twice a year.


Lifeblood teams is a social responsibility program for anyone, either workmates, friends, team mates and communities who want to make a difference. It doesn’t matter if there are 5 or 500 donners, nothing beats the feeling of saving lives together. Please click here to learn more.

HYC is now a registered Lifeblood Team, we can track our progress and compare with other teams. All you need to do is:
  • Visit the Red Cross Lifeblood website
  • Register yourself with minimal details about yourself
  • Link your profile to Himalayan Youth Club (HYC) team
  • Stay tune for updates from HYC for the next dates to be a Hero